We typically view with skepticism employee evaluations that are governed by subjective criteria. Mr. Crowe argues that he produced sufficient evidence of pretext by showing that ADT’s decision to terminate him—as opposed to giving him yet another unenforced final written warning—was governed by subjective criteria. Thus, while the final written warning that immediately preceded Mr. Crowe’s termination was predicated on conduct that might have occurred after Mr. Crowe’s protected activity—the precise timing of his protected activity is disputed, see id. See Aplee. Br. 21-22. Thus, our skepticism of subjective evaluation criteria, when used as the employer’s proffered rationale for termination, does not apply here. 21-22. Therefore, absent evidence from which a reasonable fact-finder could conclude that ADT’s rationale was pretextual, summary judgment for ADT was appropriate. Mr. Crowe makes no other arguments that ADT’s proffered, non-retaliatory motivation for terminating him was pretextual, nor does the record reveal any evidence of pretext.

Rather, the record reveals that ADT justified its termination of Mr. Crowe based on his entire personnel file, particularly his long history of alleged sexual harassment and insubordination. See Young, 468 F.3d at 1249-50. The record in this case reveals no evidence of pretext. See Garrett, 305 F.3d at 1218. This prevents the employer from conjuring up negative evaluations and subsequently using those negative evaluations as a rationale for terminating the employee. Id. Accordingly, there is no evidence from which a reasonable jury could conclude that ADT’s proffered, non-retaliatory rationale for terminating Mr. Crowe was pretextual. Accordingly, Mr. Crowe’s argument regarding the timing of his termination is not supported by the record, although it may seem persuasive at first blush. Accepting Mr. Crowe’s argument would have the peculiar result of penalizing employers which, like ADT did in this case, attempt to rectify alleged inappropriate behavior instead of immediately terminating an employee upon the first transgression.

Mr. Crowe was not discharged based solely on complaints that occurred after Mr. Crowe’s protected behavior. In support of its motion for summary judgment, ADT provided ample evidence that ADT employees and managers had complained of Mr. Crowe’s behavior since 1990. See ASA 2-5 (listing complaints against Mr. Crowe). 2. In its motion for summary judgment, ADT asserted that Ms. Stanfield, after reviewing Ms. Laurila’s report, endorsed the recommendation and approved going forward with the discharge. Improper use or handling of the battery may cause an acid leak, electrical discharge or explosion resulting in serious injury. The battery will usually be sitting on the bottom of the control box. Intruders who manage to enter a home will exit the property as soon as an alarm is raised. The CCTV systems are professionally made camera security systems which can be installed in the corporate video production houses and surrounding areas for the security and protection of the property. Once both of the connectors have been removed, the battery can be taken out of the control box. If the replacement battery does not match the battery inside the box, then a different battery may be required.

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